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Wooden Floor Lamps

Wooden floor lamps provide a wide array of style options that give your lamps a sense of classic and even rustic style.

While metal is the most popular material for creating floor and table lamps, wood has a number of advantages that can provide a much more attractive lamp. While these lamps may not be quite as cheap as metallic lamps, there are still wooden lamps that will be comparable, especieally if you compare prices carefully. Both overstock and wholesale lamps are often available, giving you the opportunity to pick up a reasonably priced product from a supplier or store.

What is it about wood, then, that makes it such a good material for the construction of lamps? The first characteristic is the appearance of the material itself. Metal by its nature is almost futuristic. It is shiny and alien, and we have no history with it until only a few thousand years ago. It has the kind of foreignness that makes the T-1000 so frightening in the Terminator movies. In fact, because of the way it reflects light, it doesn’t even have its own native appearance. It needs to borrow its appearance from nearby objects by distortedly reflecting them. As a result metal makes your room look alien.

On the other hand, wooden material is purely natural and (mostly) retains its original grain, reminding us not of some alien world but of the natural world. Although the wood is no longer technically alive, it brings a sense of life into our manufactured homes by bringing in an organic material. We are tricked into feeling that we are outside, interacting with the natural environment, something that is naturally comforting. In effect, having wooden lamps (or any wooden item) provides us with a sense of comfort.

The material itself has some important possibilities, as it can be carved into just about any shape, unlike ceramics or metal that need to be molded. This can provide you with floor lamps that are circle, curved and so forth, but they can also be carved into just about any shape, as wood is wonderfully resilient. I remember the wooden lamp I had as a child with a wooden statue as a part of the base, and it still stays with me. Any lamp manufacturer that is using wood will try to maximize the power of the material.

The shade, too, can be made out of wood, though wooden lamp shades are trickier than wooden bases. The main issue is that the wood alters the quality of the light. Unlike a paper or cloth shade, wood doesn’t allow quite as much light through, no matter how thin you make the shade. Furthermore, it necessarily colors the light, usually making it brown. If you are trying to create a softly-lit room, then this type of coloration might be just perfect for your needs. However, if you are trying to provide brighter light, you might be better off with a wooden base and some other material for the shade.

Wooden floor lamps bring a little of the outdoors inside. You might find them to be a wonderful contribution to your home’s decor.

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