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Vintage Floor Lamps

Sometimes, neither a modern floor lamp nor a retro floor lamp will suit your taste. In those cases, the best option is often a vintage floor lamp.

At the end of the day, only a small number of styles of lamp are produced at any given time. Today, we have the popular styles of arc floor lamps, contemporary floor lamps and Tiffany style floor lamps. The production of Tiffany style floor lamps especially gives the impression that what we see at Amazon is a set of styles ranging back over the entire century. It simply isn’t the case. Over the last century, hundreds of styles of lamps have moved in and out of fashion without gaining the traction of either Tiffany style or Arco. They are simply made and then never produced again. In order to capture these styles, the only option vintage floor lamps.

A “vintage” floor lamp is any lamp that is no longer produced and must be acquired second-hand. The term simply developed as a result of the stigma around “second hand”. In general, a vintage floor lamp is also considered “antique” if it is over 50 to 100 years old. The reason for the variation is that 50 years is generally considered antique by antiques dealers, while 100 years is the number used by customs agents. A lamp from the 1970s, therefore, is “vintage”, while a lamp from the 1940s is both “vintage” and “antique”.

Acquiring Vintage Floor Lamps Online

Because vintage floor lamps are no longer produced, it is nearly impossible to find them for sale on sites that sell large numbers of goods like Amazon. It is simply not economical for them to set up an entire page to sell a single item, especially if that item is not particularly valuable. Instead, the best places to acquire vintage floor lamps online is on auction sites like ebay and classified sites like craigslist. Note, however, that classified sites are often very difficult to browse, especially since you won’t usually know exactly what you are looking for.

Acquiring Vintage Floor Lamps Offline

The best source of vintage floor lamps is almost always offline. You can generally acquire antique and near-antique vintage floor lamps at antique dealers in your area. Vintage lamps including vintage floor lamps are some of the best selling items at antique stores, precisely because of how they anchor the decor for an entire room. You’ll find many styles, though be aware that prior to the Second World War, vintage lamps can become quite expensive. The rise of suburban living generated an increased supply of floor lamps, and this translates into cheaper lamps today.

Acquiring Cheap Vintage Floor Lamps

Non-antique vintage floor lamps are often quite a bargain, usually selling for cheaper even than new lamps. A great source of vintage floor lamps that are not antique are both so-called “flea markets” and also yard sales. There you will find numerous styles of non-antique floor lamps that can be purchased, often many more styles than are available from modern distributors. Plus, each time you look, you’ll find more styles and options. Shopping for vintage floor lamps is an adventure in itself, and hunts like this are part of what makes shopping so much fun!

Electrical Issues

Note that vintage floor lamps often have electrical problems, and antique ones may not even be compatible with modern sockets or voltage. If you buy your vintage floor lamp from a licenced antiques dealer, ask whether or not the lamp needs rewiring. If you don’t buy it from a licenced antiques dealer, don’t ask them; they don’t know. When you get a vintage floor lamp, take it to an electrician to have a look at it to see if it is safe. Rewiring of lamps is very inexpensive, and even after rewiring, vintage floor lamps are quite often less expensive than it would have been to buy a new lamp.

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