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Rustic Floor Lamps

Rustic Floor lamps are perfect for your cabin or home, allowing you to live the rustic life or feel like you are at home.

Rustic floor lamps are a type of furniture that uses natural or per-modern materials in its construction. Usually, this means that they are made out of logs, boards of wood or wrought iron. Sometimes, you will even see rustic floor lamps that are made out of animal horns or even bones. In theory, rustic floor lamps should be made out of the actual material that they emulate. However, a minority of them are made either of artificial materials or processed wood, so be careful if you are looking for rustic lamps that are materially “pure”.

By far the most common use of rustic lighting is in a rustic lodge, cottage or log cabin. These will often be used as a way of blending table and floor lamps in with the rest of the decor, including of course the cabin itself. Wooden rustice lamps will fit in especially well in log cabins, but this is not the only possible combination. Wrought iron floor lamps will well match the cooking and other metal tools that are often important parts of the decorations of cottages. Using rustice floor lamps in this way will prevent you from having to make tough decisions between functionality and beauty, as rustic lamps provide both.

Inside a home, rustic lamps can still provide excellent decotation. However, they play a quite different role than they wood at the cottage. Unlike at a cottage, where the purpose of rustic floor lamps and rustice table lamps is to blend in, at home the purpose is for them to stand out. Their fundamental purpose is to be decorative. This gives you some more leeway in the type of materials that are used, as you can lean more towards the purely decorative. For instance, lamps with a more Western theme may provide a nice decorative object for your room.

There are some other important style options to consider. Perhaps surprisingly, the shade on rustic floor lamps are often quite varied. Some are rustice in themselves, made out of thin, translucent woods, but others are simply more akin to other floor lamp shades, using a translucent paper of some sort. The reason for this variation is that, on a rustic lamp, it is the stem that will stand out, not the shade (completely the opposite of almost any other lamp). As a result, most rustic table and floor lamps will simply used conservative floor lamps that don’t really stand out at all.

When choosing to shop for a rustic floor lamp, there are a few things that you should consider. As mentioned above, look for one made out of proper materials. Second, look for a manufacturer who has some specialty in rustic floor lamps. If you purchase from just any manufacturer, you’ll likely get something that is made of the right materials, but lacks flair. Don’t feel you need to spend all of your money, though. A lot of private manufacturers will sell rustic floor lamps at the same prices as some of the more conventional manufacturers.

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