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Kids’ Floor Lamps

Kids floor lamps come in a wide array of styles (and colors!) that are usually especially suited to bedrooms and playrooms.

Kids floor lamps usually have the same basic styles as the rest of children’s furniture, including a combination of excitement and color that is suited to the age and interests of your child. Their style will, of course, vary depending on whether or not they are lamps used for a boy, a girl or even a baby. Nonetheless, there are generally some similarities between them in terms of the quality of light that they provide for the overall design of your room.

One primary issue with kids lamps are with nursery lamps generally is that children, and especially small children, have the tendency to pull things over. Lamps, on the other hand, are portable objects (in fact, one term for them is “portable light fixtures”). Portable + children = potential disaster for kids. Nonetheless, many families wish to have lamps in their children’s rooms and there is good reason to do so. The sole use of overhead lighting can be very unattractive on faces, and will not show off an attractive nursery.

When children are very small, a good choice might be table lamps rather than floor lamps. If placed high enough on a desk or other surface, the child won’t actually be able to reach the light source (unless they pull over the desk). This can provide child-proof lighting, so long as you also protect the outlet. However, children will quickly be able to reach the top of desks, and you will quickly be put in the position where there are not really any safe places for a table lamp.

However, a sturdy floor lamp can provide exactly this safety that you might be looking for. In fact, this might seem counter-intuitive. At first, it might seem that you would want a lighter floor lamp, so that if it falls, no one would get hurt. However, you are better off ensuring that the lamp does not fall over in the first place. A lamp with a sturdy and heavy base is your safest bet. Combine this heavy base with a lighter stem, and you will have a lamp that will be relatively safe for kids rooms.

There are a number of different styles of lamp available. The most popular among children is usually lamps connected to some of their favorite cartoon characters. It is relatively easy to find lamps that have cartoon characters simply drawn on the shade, but why not be more creative? Looking around, you can often find lamps that have these characters are drawn or molded directly onto the stemp of the lamp. This provides an object of fun for kids, who might even try to integrate the lamp into their playtime.

If you are looking for a lamp that is more suited to a stylish nursery, there are a number of different designer childrens floor lamps available. Gucci, Maura Daniel and more will provide nursery lighting that will be both appropriate to children but stylish in themselves.

Picking the right kids floor lamp is a matter of combining safety and style. However, they are one of the most interesting types of floor lamps currently available.

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