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Funky Floor Lamps

Funky floor lamps allow you to apply some of the most fun contemporary designs while maintaining just that right amount of silliness.

Funky lighting is one of the most important components of contemporary lighting design. Unlike other designs, where the purpose is to adhere to some set of design principles and follow them using one’s light, lamps and other furniture, the purpose of funky design is to deliberately strain the limits of what is considered normal in lighting design. However, it is not a matter of pure subversion. Instead, flunky lamps and other funky designs are also a lot of, well, fun. They give our living and work spaces a sense of enjoyment and adventure that other styles do not provide.

In general, funky lamps are used on top of a framework of standard design. Let me explain. In general, one cannot have exciting accenting unless there is some sort of intelligible or familiar structure that underlies it. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be fun, but just pure chaos. Instead funkiness exists in the contrast between the contemporary designer and the traditional framework he or she is working within. As a result, when applying modern floor lamps to your home, you should consider just what aspects of your room are intended to serve as the conventional backdrop and which parts are to serve as the contemporary accents.

Funky lighting can come in just about any form, to the point that there is little that can be said that is specific about them. However, there are some trends. First, using LED lighting in a floor lamp is an increasingly important trend, because LED lights provide a wider array of colors and provide shapes of light that people are not accustomed to. Neon and other noble gasses are also used, but they are expensive, so be aware of that. Another popular trend is the use of chrome. This actually goes back about eighty years, but the ways in which chrome can be molded to appear as though it is almost liquid metal has always made it popular as a form of accents. Another option is to blur the line between floor lamps and table lamps, having floor lamps with tables on them or that stick out from behind tables.

In some ways, the more readily available a lamp is, the less funky it is, as it will be more common and therefore less subversive. Nonetheless, if you are going for a funky style, you can find a manufacturer that will produce just the right lamp. If you are looking for new lamps, you might look into Groggy or Lumisource, each of which provide a number of different styles. If you are looking for older lamps, then you can find a wide product selection by choosing to shop at the many antique stores. Antiques are not just old, dusty Victorian lamps. In fact, a number of lamps inspired by the Art Deco movement will be right at home in the most fun and decorative environment.

Funky floor lamps can provide you with some excellent options for making your living space more fun. Using them is a matter of understanding how the funky interacts with the traditional.

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