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Contemporary Floor Lamps

Contemporary floor lamps represent a wide array of styles inspired originally by the Art Deco movement.

The style of contemporary floor lamps has its origins in the Art Deco movement in the 1920s and 30s. Though most of our other furniture has moved away from this style, contemporary floor lamps have stayed consistent with this original inspiration. They are usually made of metal bases and geometric shapes, with the shades forgoing the traditional cone in favor of a rectangle box. In recent years, oriental styles have begun to affect the style of contemporary floor lamps, as the shades of many contemporary floor lamps have come to resemble the rice-paper lamps of Asia.

At the end of the day, however, floor lamps “contemporary” refers to any style of lamp that is not an attempt to emulate Nineteenth-Century decoration. It is the most varied of styles, and one can always find a contemporary lamp to suit any taste.

Art Deco Floor Lamps Contemporary

Art Deco lamps such as the Adesso Symphony Floor Lamp closely emulate the style of the Art Deco Movement. They focus on stark whites, blacks and chromes as well as geometric shapes. Like other designs from the art deco movement, they integrate mind and eye, causing us to see the world in mathematical ways. Art Deco lamps come in a variety of different shapes, but they all share the same basic properties. They are perfect for a home with a linear sense of style, or for integrating into a room where color is used to focus attention elsewhere.

Outdoor-Style Floor Lamps Contemporary

Other floor lamps, such as the Emerson Fans FL750ORB Maya Zen Contemporary Indoor Oil-Rubbed Bronze Floor Lamp take their inspiration from outdoors. Using multiple lamp heads and strong verticle poles, they provide an abundance of light and strength to your decor. The heads are often shaped to resemble those of street lamps, blurring the lines between the internal and the external. Such lamps require careful placement lest they overcome a room, but, used well, they can anchor your room’s decor, providing the entire space with a grounded feeling.

Japanese-Style Floor Lamps Contemporary

A number of models of contemporary floor lamp, such as the Yoko Japanese Design Floor Lamp , have perfectly blended their Art Deco and Asian influences. They have taken their geometric inspiration from the 1920s, and combined it with the soft light that comes from Asian shades. The results are spectacular. One has the strength of a free-standing floor lamp with the softness of paper shading. Together, they provide your room with both shape and texture, and can provide a wonderful addition to most interior styles.

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