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Arc Floor Lamps

First invented in 1962 as the "Arco" by the famous designers Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Flos, arc floor lamps have since become one of the most popular styles of floor lamps available today.

The arc floor lamp adds a great deal to any home. First, its unique design allows it to do what literally no other style of lamp can do. Normally, you can only have direct overhead light if you mount a light on your ceiling. Any other overhead light will be indirect. This can be inconvenient for reading or for any other space such as desks or games tables where you need direct overhead light, but wish to avoid the inconvenience and expense of having a permanently installed ceiling light. By simply placing the base of the lamp in one place, you can swivel the arc until you have just the overhead light that you need. The ability to target light has a paradoxical effect. While it provides bight, direct light to its target, it provides soft, lamp light to the rest of the room. This flexibility is what has made the arc floor lamp one of the most popular styles on the market today.

Another great addition of the arc floor lamp is stylistic. We live in cubes and rectangular boxes, but there’s no need to let our furniture constantly accent that fact. Instead, the sleek curvature of an arc floor lamp can lend roundness to an otherwise rectangular space. Becuase of the funcion of an arc floor lamp, the lamp draws the eyes around its base toward its head in a sleek curve. Using arc floor lamps along with other non-linear additions like rounded tables and chair backings can lend a softness to a room.

In fact, the arc floor lamp has proved to be such a popular style, that it has started to develop sub-styles of its own:

Arco Floor Lamps

The Classic Arco Lamp is mad of stainless steel with a nickel finish. It begins from a marble base, and then enters a single deeply curved arc, ultimately resolving itself into vertical light centered on your target. This is the original style produced by Castigilioni and Giacomo, whose only variations are in color. Although these lamps were created in 1962, they seem just as appropriate today as they did fifty years ago.

Arc Style Floor Lamps

Arc Floor Lamps made similarly to the Arco Floor lamps are called “Arc Style Floor Lamps”. They are like “sparkling wine” to “champagne”. However, arc style floor lamps have a number of advantages. First, they are often less expensive than the “brand name” Arco lamps. Second, free from the “official” Arco brand, they are free to experiment with different styles that might be appropriate to your home. An arc style floor lamp will often be a better fit for your home and wallet.

Spider Arc Style Floor Lamps

Recently, designers have begun to experiment even more with arc style floor lamps. One of the most popular recent changes is the Spider Arc Style Floor Lamp . A Spider Arc Style Floor Lamp has several different heads, each with its own bulb and shade. The various arms of the lamp look like those of a spider, giving it its arachnine name. Part of the change is stylistic. The several heads look almost organic, like a plant more than a lamp. It is great for those who wish to replace the geometry of standard lamps with something appearing more alive. It is also a functional change. The many different heads can be independently adjusted, allowing you to light an entire area with direct light. These lamps have become very popular, often outselling the traditional style.

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