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About Us

Cheap Floor Lamps is a site designed by a lamp enthusiast for those seeking to augment their home’s ambience and style at a reasonable price. Rather than the standard spammy product information that saturates the internet, I discuss the various ways in which one can use floor lamps for improving lighting and also the ways in which floor lamps can be integrated into a home while maintaining your sense of style. Lamps are as important to the mood of our lives as theatre lighting is to the mood of a play. It literally shapes how we see the world. Cheap Floor Lamps is about improving that experience.

Cheap Floor Lamps is also about finding the right lamp at the right price. Too often, we think that cheap floor lamps can only be found by spending outrageous amounts of money, so we simply head over to the bargain store and buy something hard on our eyes. This is simply not true. The rise of competition provided by the internet has significantly driven down the price of lamps in the best styles. Now anyone can have cheap floor lamps in the style that suits their home and budget.


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